The architectural practice with a personal touch

Here at Alliance Architecture we can take a project from the initial client consultation through to project completion with a level of personal service that is often hard to find with larger architect firms. We aim to keep the process as simple as possible by outlining clear steps for the project.



1. Meet and greet

We understand that undertaking an architectural project is a time consuming process. We can meet with our clients after work hours or spend a full Saturday on-site to discuss requirements, take photographs and make suggestions.


2. Scope of work

From the initial meet and greet we will put together an outline of the contract proposal and any architectural documentation needed. We will also advise on any other professional services you may require.


3. Design Stage

At this stage we will re-visit the site to take measurements and create a computer model of the new space.  We will then propose a design to suit your brief and your budget.


4. Refinements to the design

We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach, after the initial design we invite our clients to visit our office and make any refinements ‘live’ on screen. These can then be translated into easy to imagine 3D images.


5. Documentation Stage

Your design may need resource consent and building consent. We will communicate clearly any costs this may occur with an independent planner if needed. From there we submit a building consent application to council. 

We will always be on-hand for any queries you may have that could be of a more technical nature.


6. The Build

Once consent has been issued the building process will begin and we will monitor progress to ensure end result meets your requirements to the highest standard.


To learn more about how we work click here to download our client steps guildelines, or click here to get in touch and tell us more about your architecture project.