Update your home

Renovating your home can add value to the property, increase the practicality of the space and can provide more comfort for your family. Whatever your needs may be, Alliance Architecture will visit on-site to talk through your ideas and discuss the outcome you are looking for.

Once we have discussed your ideas, requirements and the budget of your project we will put together a plan to take the renovation through to completion. We also are on hand to deal with and explain any complicated issues which may arise in getting consent for your plans. 


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Brown Street

The addition of a new family member meant that the residents of Brown Street required more space in their Bungalow.  Alliance Architecture constructed an extension resulting in more space for the family and improving on their beautiful home.
"Thanks again for the amazing job you did. We are so happy with it and regularly have people approaching us about how beautiful our house is."

B r o w n S t r e e t